Diana Maria Perez was born next to 2 million inhabitants in an area of 542 square kilometers in 1980, in the Colombia Rebublic. The colors and the shapes of the objects took most of her time when she was a child, also going around the streets of Cali. The obsession of transforming her surroundings drives her to meet her origins, a family life linked to art in Santa Rosa de Cabal, a municipality in Risaralda.

Her willingness to get to know other logics, drove her to believe in numbers and she began studying industrial engineering in 1998. But her search would also take her right back to her first encounter with art, this would enrich her after crossing the Atlantic that same year. Diana Perez travels in Italy and learns italian at the “Università degli Stranieri di Siena”.
Amazed by the art that’s breathed, when she turns 24 years of age she enrolls in the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan and studies plastic arts with an emphasis in painting in the department of investigation of contemporary art. In the year 2005 she participates in the creation of the S.O.S group (Sociedad de ocupación del espacio) or Society of the occupation of space, a collective of urban temporary space intervention in exteriors and interiors.

During the summer of 2006 Perez moves to London and studies a course in Fine Arts at Saint Martin’s School; she then returns to di Brera to continue her studies and participates in several expositions. In 2008 she becomes the assistant of Pier Luigi Buglioni, an artist and Artistic Anatomy professor in di Brera with over 40 years of experience in the world of art. After the graduation she looks for additional incentive by doing an specialization in Artistic Therapeutics, a synesthetic search within music, focusing in the vibrations produced by music and speech, and also the color perceived by vision. Willing to experiment with the different cultural contrasts she visits Japan in the spring of 2009. She feeds off the perceptions produced at the places, the shapes, the color and the sounds of Japanese. Currently she is going more in depth in the study of Science of Linguistic Mediation at the Società Umanitarie di Milano. Diana María Pérez works with facilities, sculptures, paintings and drawings challenging the limits of art, using fragments of the present, showing us with her work the reflections and thoughts that have disappeared from the everyday life in these times, with the capability of invention, poetry and irony. She explores the uncertainty of present times and extracts the heart from human expressions: love, life, death, nakedness, loyalty and treason. She does this through expressive channels that are unexpected and non conventional.

“In my work there is fidelity to the model interior, I do not care to make a “beautiful painting” because certain aesthetic requirements pass in a second floor. What comes first is the desire to express myself with the greatest possible authenticity and shaping the vision of my world, complex, solar, colourful, sound, and deep, combined with the desire to communicate all possible sensations. This is really the spirit with which it has been conceived my last art.”

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