Sara Francesca Tirelli for Art Power

Sara Francesca Tirelli (1979) is a freelance videomaker based in Venice. After graduating in cultural studies at the University of Bologna, she worked in The Netherlands and Germany as director and video reporter for art and new media productions. She is currently working as director and editor for tv productions and advertising.

Future is primitive

Future is primitive does not tell, but it suggests a vision: that of an archaic future. And it does so by outlining a gaze direction that starts from the belief that the idea of linear progress is wrong.

The opera recounts a circular time, a cyclical one. In this short non-film, the author reflects on the relationship between man and nature and the temporality of cultural attitudes. The initial perception of a disturbing future becomes an instinctive affirmation of man to nature, so the new is archaic, the “forgotten”.


Future is primitive
Hd video, 03′:30”, without dialogues
with Lobke Hulznik, Valentina Sanna costumes
anno 2010