Born on the 20th August 1984 in Cesena, Giorgia Valmorri graduated from the professional school “Iris Versari” of Cesena as advertising graphic designer. In 2007 she got a four-year diploma in Decorative Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts of Urbino. In 2008 she took a metal-working class at Pietrarubbia (PU) and obtained a diploma in metal-working techniques at the advanced training school TAM. Valmorri currently lives and works in Urbino.

Over the years Giorgia Valmorri has lead her artistic production to a site specific design. In her research the free relational exchange and the participation are essential contents for the figures of her artistic imagination.

The creation of devices, which implicate collective dynamics, works as an instrument that activates different processes: these increase, expand and multiply the original forms of her works pulling the trigger on new relational dynamics. The activation of this processes mostly depends on an initial gift.

Exchanging knowledge and resources, telling stories and continuing the narration of those have forerun us: this is the poetic effort that the artist accomplishes, and that she observes at the same time as the result of bringing contemporary art’s language beyond his direct representatives, in everyone’s daily life-dimension.

Valmorri’s installations are in turn traces of an open story which anybody can carry on by adding his own perspective. In 2008 she displayed for Concilio Europeo dell’Arte the collective work called “The Liquid Spatialism” at InParadiso Galley in Venice.