Born in 1961, Anna Jeretic moved to France in 1989. She teaches engraving and painting at Comairas  Academy, Fontainebleau. Her artistic research is aimed at defining the language of Nature within visual Art and writing, beyond the realism.

Since April 12th to 22nd, Anna Jeretic presents “La Scrittura della Natura – the Writing of Nature” at InParadiso Gallery: this is her first personal exhibition with Concilio Europeo dell’Arte.

More recent exhibitions: Patricia Ladd Carega Gallery (USA): “The language of branches” (2016); Barbizon (France): “The spirit of Nature” (2016); Luxemburg Gardens, Paris: “Anna Jeretic’s wood”(2015); Pinacoteca di Assisi: “The order of Nature” (2014).

Anna Jeretic is represented by Grillon Gallery (Paris, France) and by Armstrong Fine Art (Chicago, USA).