Raffaele Barbuto was born in Milan in 1986. Living in Segrate, Milan.
2012 Master Degree in Visual Arts at Academy of Fine Arts, Brera, Certificate in Special Make up Effects at “Teatro alla Scala” Academy;
2009 Bachelor Degree in Painting at Academy of Fine Arts, Brera, Milan;
2005 High School diploma at Artistic Liceum “Caravaggio”, Milan.

The opera is readable only within the sense of the eternal cycle that represents for the artist a connection with the beginning, and aims to join the extremely articulated history of painting and their infinite options. It is in other words not a philosophy but a smiling and anti-intellectual look at the origins recalling the “closing of the cycle”, far from logical and rational interventions. A symbolic feed-backing activity that is distinguished from the old and banal “charm”, contributing to give birth and life to the artwork, making it mortal. The imperfections are here then essential. The dirty, consumed, old surfaces give a sensation of temporary timeframe and a paradoxical sense of stability. This stability within the enduring reality, within the ending, within the ongoing never ending cycle, a new vital cycle, is ready to investigate and experience new spaces and times.