Born in Bondeno (Ferrara) in 1960, Nedda Bonini graduated in painting from  Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna in 1985.

Since the beginning of her career, her artistic production includes painting, graphics for communication, and engraving. Furthermore, she occasionally addresses her creativity towards interior decoration, scenography and the realisation of theatrical costumes.

In 1992, at the Kuala Lumpur  exhibition organised by the Italian Institute of Culture “Young Italian Artist“, she was designated representative for the Graphic Design branch. Since 1995 she has been teaching Techniques for Engraving at Academy of Fine Arts, firstly in Catania, then in Macerata and Venice, and eventually in Bologna.

Recently, her artistic research has been exploring multimedia in art printing, displaying the results as installation and giving the priority to conceptual and communicative contents. In November 2015, the artist established the cultural association St.Art.47: in this occasion she opened an exhibition space/atelier/print house in Ferrara, organising cultural events, workshops, exhibitions, concerts, and promoting different cultural activities. In 2012, she joined Poetica Codex, an artistic collective from Barcelona and displayed her artworks at Setba Foundation (Barcelona). Moreover, she has been also one of the teacher of “Libro d’Artista” courses, that where held at Tapies Foundation.

Solo exhibitions: Palazzo Ducale, Mantua; Fabio Paris Art Gallery, Brescia; Casa dell’Ariosto, Ferrara; Galleria BLU, Milan; Palazzo Bellini, Comacchio; Delizia del Belriguardo, Voghiera. In Venice she took part in the collective exhibition Art Power, organised by Concilio Europeo dell’Arte.