Indipendent and professional artist of Visual Art, performer and creative, Cinzia Fiaschi is an “action painter”.
She uses gestural abstraction to make it seem as if her creation lives and breathes.

Paint is spontaneously dribbled, splashed or smeered onto the canvas, rather than being carefully applied. The resulting piece often emphasizes the physical act of painting itself as an essential aspect of the finished work.
The painting is a visual extension of her thoughts and emotions in the moment.

Cinzia Fiaschi began her quest at the aclaimed Academy of Fine Arts in Florence under the direction of professor Gustavo Giulietti where she honed to great effect, a strong composition technique. After her formative training, Fiaschi matured and broadened her artistic imprint to fully evolve into an action painter and visual arts performer linking together painting, music, dance, and theater. In so doing, Fiaschi has acheived near-oneness with the true meaning of “live art” demonstrating this realization within the realm of alternative spaces, which she believes give maximum opportunity to explore the freedom of artistic interpretation. She has “performed” her art, often times incorporating crowd-participation, in such venues as town squares, courtyards, bars, dwellings and living spaces as well as in and around fountains, historic palaces, art galleries and theaters.

Cinzia Fiaschi integrates and assimilates her work in partnership with theater, dance, workshops and creative laboratories. She also creates live installations for film during festivals and dance performances actualizing fluid cinematography and spot video for publication. Fiaschi’s ubiquity and experimentation does not limit her, but allows her to fully embody and embrace “action painting” extracting gesture from static art as part of the journey of the emotional and the aesthetic. For years, she has demonstrated and presented this ethic at selected exhibitions in Italy and abroad.