Stefano Giusti was born in 1962 in Florence, city where he is currently living.
In 1976 he attended I.P.I.A. Leonardo Da Vinci’s Photography Vocational School.
In 1984 he opened his first Photo Studio together with a colleague, then in 1988 he inaugurated the solo studio where he is still working.
He prefers digital photography, but sometimes film-based photographic cameras as well; he is specialised in Architectural Photography, Still-Life and Art Reproduction.
For what concerns Architectural Photography, both indoor both outdoor, Stefano Giusti mainly uses wide-angle lenses and panoramic images with a keen eye for details.
For Still-Life instead, he has developed different lightening techniques among with Penna di Luce (Light Pen) in order to emphasise figures and textures of the subjects.

In 2010 he took part in the collective exhibition Art Power, organised by Concilio Europeo dell’Arte.