Golsa Golchini was born in 1986 in Teheran, Iran. She lives and works in Milan. In 2010 she graduated in painting and completed her post-graduate studies in Visual Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan.

The purpose of her research is to introduce the true spirit of the ancient Persian carpet, which, despite his worldwide fame, is in reality very unknown.

The carpet is considered as a kind of ”reading of the memory”, which however is not bound in any way to a precise timeline because what is remembered is a kind of existential flow punctuated by the knots of the weaving. The meaning of the carpet, that usually results from a three-dimensional interpretation, that is able to take us beyond the obvious, is the result of the necessary and purely sentimental collaboration between the observer and the work, that is often represented by the oldest version of carpets, that are the Kilims.