Carlos Grippo was born in 1946 in Durazno, Uruguay, where he attended the local high school. He studied painting at the National School of Fine Arts at the University of Montevideo and is then active in several countries of Latin America painting murals and illustrating drawings and comics for newspapers and magazines. Carlos Grippo has been lecturer in technical drawing in Uruguay and once he moved to Italy, he collaborated to many graphic works of Marino Marini and has been active in the restoration of several palaces and other masterpieces in Venice. Among most important historian of art who wrote about Grippo: Bernard Paul Cruscet, Renato Crivello, Michele Calabrese, Mirella Battaglia Lanolina, Hans Theodor Flemming, Nicola Miceli, Henry de Vries, David Boltano, Fabio Valdes, Giorgio Severo, Franco Panese, Carlos Santiago, Nelson di Maggio, Alberto Abruzzese, Omar Calabrese, Renato Mincre, Vaigro Dahò and Achille Bonito Oliva.