Jacques Honvault for Art Power

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In my work, I’m looking for the beauty in the invisible physic phenomena. My main theme is energy: kinetic, potential gravity, light, heat, elasticity. Because science is bothering a lot of people, art is requested to alert the world to this hidden beauty. The non-objective presentation of the majority of subjects is my favourite approach: do not reveal immediately the subject, but a simple hint is enough to decode the image.

I use art in order to promote science. Because theses phenomenon are hard to catch, I have developed some tools: for very quick events, I have designed an adjustable delay, a laser trigger, a sound trigger, an electric trigger and a microsecond flash.

For small subjects, I use specific lenses with software in order to increase depth of field. For very bright pictures, I use a high dynamic range software. My scientific studies help me for the understanding of the subject and for the choice of the right technical approach. Science improves my art. Science is in the service of art or the opposite? This debate occurs very often when I present my pictures. Is it because I am an engineer who becomes photographer and a lot of people need to classify these images depending on the nature of the author? Why do some people want to oppose the art and science? For my point of view, the two engines of my inspiration are perfectly complementary and inseparable. Today engineer, but artist and photographer too, I can share my favourite sin: curiosity.

The piece

Anno 2010
89×129 cm