Somboon Hormtientong (1949) is an abstract artist whose work is widely recognized by the local and international art scene. Born and rised in Bangkok, he was a student of Tang Chang, one of the most recognized Thai abstract artists, before continuing his education in Munich, Germany.

Focused on the process of abstraction that strips complex thoughts down to its core, Somboon’s work ranges from drawing and painting to sculpture and installation. He represents Thailand at the 57th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia with “Krung Thep Bangkok” supported by the Thai Office of Contemporary Art and Culture (OCAC).

With “Krung Thap Bangkok” Somboon Hormtientong chooses all the objects for his installation with the most careful thought, and with the space’s limitation in mind, so that they would echo and rhyme with his story of Bangkok. What is interesting is how different pieces of past information about Bangkok as well as these used objects of ambiguous backgrounds are presented not as memorabilia of history, but rather as a storytelling mechanism of abstract narratives surrounding them.

On the occasion of the 57th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, the Concilio Europeo dell’Arte hosts the National Pavilion of Thailand at InParadiso Gallery through a selection of works of Somboon Hormtientong.