Born in Bogota, Colombia, where he studied Architecture, Francisco Montoya continued his studies in Industrial Design in Milan. Designer at 360 degrees, he has experiences in various fields, from the design of the glasses to the aircraft interior, the jewel, to watches design.


In the field of Industrial Design Francisco Montoya has worked with Givenchy, Patrick Cox, Escada, Max Mara, IBB, Aghifug, Salvatore Ferragamo, Maria Grazia Cassetti Eurobrass, Log, Tonon, Binova Confalonieri, Trussardi and in the design of watches with Honda Access Europe, Mercedes Benz, Renault, Momo Design, Mondia, Roberta di Camerino. He is currently partner of Studio Moghi, society founded together with other professionals for the development of the research in design of products. In the Art Space Florence (European Council of Art), Francisco Montoya pursues pure and free research in the field of painting, traditional sculpture (crete, clay, resins) and more experimental sculpture using 3D technique (Rhinoceros) to realize pieces in three-dimensional plotter.

Francisco Montoya for Art Power

The heir
“Dear Cockroach, resilient, resistant,

Among the scientific data and the collective imagination, the endurance of this animal is well acknowledged. It may happen that in the mad rush toward destruction of planet earth, the cockroach emerges victorious. In this work the creature is highlighted, it is brought to our dimension. The man is instead relegated to the role of “peeper” that looks at the creature from the cracks through the shelves of a luxurious kitchen, a rotten favela wall or any urban sewer.

The piece

The heir
Metallised acrylic on canvas
, year 2010