Born in Mirano (14 June 1953), from 1987 to 1989 she attended the Spazio Arti Figurative “L.Lotto” of Mirano, held by Gianfranco Quaresimin. Since 2003 she lives in Venice.

Patrizia Pegoraro per Art Power

A friend tells the life of her father who went to work in the mines, recounting her life as the daughter of a coal miner, and through her vivid and present memories I thought of coal as black energy. Black because coal is black; it gives energy but it is also one of the worst greenhouse gas emitters. Black because in order to extract the coal, miners must go deep where the only color is black and the sunlight is just an imagination. Black because when the miners come out from the depths of the earth are blacks.

This work is dedicated to all those who were miners but especially to those 33 miners from Santiago de Chile who survived the collapse of a mine after being forced to live in a dark tunnel for a long, long time.

The piece

Black energy
Mixed charcoal technique and pigments on canvas, year 2010
50×70 cm