Young artist from Bolzano, Cristiano Stenico invites us to reflect with this artistic installation.
Already selected and awarded for the competition Art on web 2008/2009, he has often collaborated over the last few years with the European Council of Artists.

Cristiano Stenico for Art Power

This work is called: “And you?”. The material used is mostly recyclable and mainly already recycled being recovered material from a flea market.

The work wants to emphasize that the dominant materialism in our consumer society and the lust for wealth and power (which are well represented by the golden objects chosen for the installation) are responsible for environmental degradation that characterizes our era.

The fish, covered and dripping with a dark liquid that attracts oil, and the glass filled with black water, evoke apocalyptic scenarios and stress the need for an urgent change in the approach of man to the planet Earth. Environmental protection and the development of an “ecological conscience” must become the priority of our society worth its forfeiture. The presence of the mirror which reflects objects with a clear symbolic meaning and the image of the viewer, warns the visitor against dangers and negative consequences of irresponsible behavior and invites him to assuming the responsibility for the environmental degeneration of his planet. This comparison is a requirement for the birth of a new ecological awareness that can change the fate of all living things that inhabit the Earth.

The piece

And you?
Various recyclable materials, year 2010
90x60x50 cm