Diana Isa Vallini was born in Felonica, in the province of Mantova. She lives and works in Legnago (Verona). She attends humanistic and artistic studies, following workshops on watercolour techniques, courses and seminars on colour and photography. Vallini engages herself actively in many artistic, personal events, as well as art collectives. She experiences and renews continually its expressive choices in constant dialogue with the contemporary art world.

Diana Isa Vallini for Art Power

Climate change, global warming and the search for an ideal of truly sustainable development are the themes that brought Diana Isa Vallini to research new languages and experiencing different ways of expression to communicate aspirations and anxieties. The culture of development linked to the respect for the environment is what the work “Solar energy” intends to express.

The work suggests a new utopia of the ideal-can and confirms the artist’s commitment to build a new model of society.

The piece

Solar power
Acrylic on paper, year 2009
50×50 cm