Hit Parade 2016 |2017


Chiangrai Ferrari by the artist Anon Pairot at MAUTO - Museo dell'Automobile Giovanni Agnelli di Torino, in collaboration with Paratissima and Concilio Europeo dell'Arte.

MAUTO - Museo dell'Automobile di Torino

MAUTO Museum Ticket office

10.00 - 18.00

23rd November 2017 - 4th March 2018

Inauguration on Thursday 23rd November, 2017

The exhibition

The second edition of HIT PARADE 2016 | 2017 – organized by Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile di Torino (MAUTO) Giovanni Agnelli, in collaboration with Paratissima in Turin, from 23rd November, 2017 to 4th March, has seen protagonist the Concilio Europeo dell’Arte and the artist Anon Pairot with his own Chiangrai Ferrari.

The collective exhibition was dedicated to 33 emerging talents in the arts, fashion and design who animated the last two editions of Paratissima 2016 | 2017.

This edition has been enriched by the special sculpture Chiangrai Ferrari conceived by the thai artist Anon Pairot and made out of rattan by skilled Thai craftsmen, which had been discovered at the Venice Art Biennale 2017 by the MAUTO’s president Rodolfo Gaffino Rossi visiting the exhibition “Islands in The Stream” at Alamak! Pavilion.

The artist matches his skills with different economical/social/cultural situations, globally. His concentration on topics of representation/discussion of social, cultural, even scientific issues, makes him and his work a new point of reference for the art audience and general public. Anon Pairot looks deeper into the meaning of everyday objects, with the parody full size model Changrai Ferrari car.

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