Art Power

Energy Ideas


Environmentally responsible for a careful use of energy.
Art helps you educating the world not to waste, reuse and consciously use the resources that nature offers us.

InParadiso Gallery, Venice

9 October - 21 November 2010

tuesday 9 October 2010 at 4 pm

La mostra

The European Council of Art with the support of the Veneto Region, the Province and Municipality of Venice, with the support of experts and academics from Cà Foscari University, has created an event that – for its content – wants to be a choral cry about having hurt the Earth. The art is not a substitute for science or viceversa – wrote Elizabetta Zendri (Department of Environmental Sciences of Cà Foscari) in the exhibition catalog – but both lamb a new energy: the energy of ideas.

Purpose and theme

By September 10, 2010, the European Council of Art invites artists and art project developers to submit paintings, sculptures and video materials based on the theme of environment and clean energy.
The project promotes the creativity of contemporary artists who approach issues such as climate change, pollution, recycling and eco-sustainability. Renewable energy can be considered as the main source of inspiration for the works that will be selected by the association. Its goal is to choose proposals that, in addition to denounce the dangers that threaten the environment, offer new approaches to the use of renewable energy.

From October 9 to November 21, 2010, the European Council of Art will exhibit selected works at “InParadiso Gallery” during the 12th International Architecture Exhibition – People meet in architecture.