KARBON – Ascesis of the Form


The Croatian artist Tea Bičić closes the Biennale Arte 2019 showing about twenty new black and white canvas.

"Carbon is part of my black, my past, the past of my family, my roots".

Arsenale Docks, Venice

Free admittance

10.00 - 18.00

October 6th 2017 - October 29th 2017

Inauguration Friday, October 6th 2017 - h. 5.30 p.m.


KARBON – Ascesis of the Form” by the Croatian artist Tea Bičić is composed by about twenty black and white canvas realised by the artist from Labin.

The intensity and the strength arisen from the comparison between black and white constitute Tea Bičić’s artistic basis. The reality of her images reflects the idea of an ascetic vision of the shape, as a concise structural essentiallity, inner layers and displacements always revealing a new scene, an image continuing in the next one. The artist wants to express the idea without describing it or taking care about the details: her artistic research aims to display the bare image.

Suggesting the mining past of Labin, the title KARBON evokes memories and identifies an historical context through which the artist conveys her source of inspiration and part of her personality:


Carbon is part of my black, my past, the past of my family, my roots and the city where I’ve been living since I was born. The white brings light, erase obstacles, opens new paths and establishes new balances and harmonies.