Spazialismo Liquido

Collective Exhibition


What’s the liquid state of art in our liquid modernity? Can we talk about liquid spatialism in the liquid society we are living in?

InParadiso Gallery, Venice

10 October - 6 November 2008

Saturday, 11th October 2008
at 5.30 pm

The exhibition

In collaboration with: European Council of Art

“What’s the liquid state of art in our liquid modernity? Can we talk about liquid spatialism in the liquid society we are living in?”

Our artistic and cultural heritage is part of our identity and of our historical memory. It is present everywhere since it is a widespread weaving of natural and historical beauties which constitute the connecting structure of our country. We are part of it and we feel an urgent intimate need to preserve and protect it. This are the spirit and aim which inspire and move the social and cultural European Council of Art Association whose action of spreading awareness and respect for all artistic and craftsmanlike forms is developed beyond the national boundaries.

The “liquid society” described by worldwide prestigious sociologist and postmodernist philosopher Zygmunt Bauman is a society where we move and change very quickly, it is the ephemeral, uncertain globalized world crowded with men who are constantly looking for something else, men who are swept away by rapid change and by the fear of being left behind. It is a transient world made of alienating towns, of fragile and changeable relationships, ruled by restlessness, by an exasperated search of happiness, by individualism and contemporary consumerism which demands constant novelty. Hence a relentless flow of waste and dissipation, creation and destruction, the directionless march of time. It is a sequence of incessant new beginnings, but each new start also contains the seeds of its own destruction and disappearance.

Bauman examines how we have moved away from a “solid”, heavy, hardware-focused modernity to the new situation of “liquid, light, software-based modernity.

“The liquid society is a fury of chaos, uncertainty, flexibility, openness, multiplicity, unsteadiness, precariousness; postmodern surfaces are see-scapes, with continuous flux and change with no boundaries, an endless sea of terrifying possibility, where nothing keeps its shape and where the passage from a container to another one determines the instantaneous shape of the liquid.”

Zygmunt Bauman
Vita liquida, Laterza, 2006

The exhibition “Spazialismo Liquido” will take place at InParadiso Gallery, Giardini della Biennale, Venice from 10th October to 6th November and enlists famous artists and newly associated artists presenting themselves to a continuosly more sophisticated and demanding public: Stefano Bottini, Livio Ceschin, Mary Cary Diaz Garcia, Serge D’Urach, Cinzia Fiaschi, Enzo Gadioli, Edward Hill, Rene Maisner, Marie-Louise Mills, Katia Margolis, Meloniski, Dina Moscato, Antonio Sciacca, Herwig Maria Stark, Laura Ribano, Giovanni Trevisan, Giorgia Valmorri, Carlotta Zennaro.