Sestiere Castello – 30122 Venice


Between Piazza San Marco and the official venues of Biennale, a versatile monumental exhibition complex for temporary shows, that guarantees the maximum visibility to your event in Venice.

The monumental complex “Figlie di Choro” Art Venue, historically connected to the artistic career of Antonio Vivaldi in Venice, built in the fourteenth century a few steps from Riva degli Schiavoni, is located between Piazza San Marco and the official sites of the Venice Biennale (Arsenale and Giardini). It consists of independent indoor spaces, courts and gardens of different dimensions that can host wider exhibitions occupying the whole complex or smaller ones, at the same time, in the various areas.

It is composed by:

1) Space 1 at the ground floor: four halls and an internal garden, totally 148 smq.

2) Space 2 at the ground floor: one hall of 111 smq linked to an open space which can be used for the exhibitions as well.

3) Space 3 at the piano nobile: (2nd floor, provided with elevator), well lit by natural light, composed by: four wide halls, plus one adapted for projections. The exhibition space is of a total of 362 smq.

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