The Concilio Europeo dell’Arte was founded in 2006 as an Association of social promotion – proudly – as a nonprofit.

In 2016, we gave life to the Concilio Europeo dell’Arte Foundation (recognized by nr. 453 of the register of the judicial body), a goal that we had set out for some time that cost us great effort at both the project and organizational level as well as the fundraising level for the research and the re-investment of funds and economic resources necessary for the construction of an even more ambitious CULTURAL and SOCIAL project – a project for the community.

We carefully choose the descriptors “cultural” and “social” specifically because we face an environment that, in the recent years, has often abused their deeper meanings and thus has devalued the words themselves. The Concilio Europeo dell’Arte can prove with clear and precise documentation and factual record that “cultural” and “social” are not abstract buzzwords. On the contrary, thanks to the intense and serious work of the European Council of Art, their cultural and social project is translated and has become a TANGIBLE PROJECT, both a task of recovering a mastery of excellence in artisanship that translates to the formation of young artisans, and also an exposition of artists who, sometimes are already considered “étoiles” of Art, and other times – and always more often – rising young stars that find the possibly in the Concilio to present themselves to an international public.

FUNDRAISING means for us to work for a cause that we are passionate for, for one that we believe in. It means to improve the status quo with the help of:


public entities


private entities


(persons and associations)

There are many ways to support the Concilio’s operations:

  • FINANCING: by institutions and entities public and/or private.
  • SPONSORSHIPS: to share an idea, an image, a project with a companies and private entities.
  • PERSONAL DONATIONS: from individuals and associations

Each of these forms of fundraising is truly fundamental for the Concilio.
A heartfelt thank you goes to all those have supported us for years and we are proud knowing that we present tangible results to our supporters each and every day.

Our greatest thank you is to continue on this road, with a sure step, and gather more and more people together with the organization of the Concilio to share projects, results, and the great satisfaction that make this “social work” possible to gift to all the Associates and all the SUPPORTERS of the Concilio Europeo dell’Arte.

The constant commitment of promoting Art and Culture requires the support from all of YOU!
The Concilio Europeo dell’Arte does not ask you to click Like!
Instead, follow this road with us.

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