8 and the Shoah of Art “Entartete Kunst Degenerated Art” – @ InParadiso Art Gallery


From 28 October to 19 November 2023, Concilio Europeo dell’Arte will host the exhibition ‘8 and the Shoah of Art Entartete Kunst Degenerate Art’, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Wednesday 1 November – Meeting with city, regional and national institutions.

The exhibition speaks about the personal story of the German Jewish artist Otto Freundlich, one of the fathers of modern German art, who was harshly persecuted in the artistic field because of his origins.
The exhibition also extends to other artists who suffered persecution during the Nazi regime, which categorised them as degenerate artists and destroyed their works.
At the same time, a space will be dedicated to some art works from the ‘Große Deutsche Kunstausstellung’ exhibition, that is the art considered as healthy and exemplary for the German people by the regime.
Part of the exhibition is dedicated to two contemporary artists: Amina Barosi, with the sculptural installation ‘Kairos vs. Kronos’, inspired by Otto Freundlich’s ‘New Man’, and Luciano Caggianello, with three conceptual installation works.
At the end of the exhibition rooms, another space is dedicated to the public and Artificial Intelligence for a free interpretation of the New Man.

The exhibition is curated by Prof. Edda Fogarollo, teacher in history and didactics of the Shoah in collaboration with Open House Art of Ivrea – Turin.