Premio Paradiso 2021 (Award) to Demetrio Paparoni

Thursday 20th May, 2021

Concilio Europeo dell’Arte, on the occasion of the inauguration of BORGOALIVE! #SmartNeighbourhood exhibtion within 17th International Architecture Venice Biennale is honoured to award with Premio Paradiso 2021:

Demetrio Paparoni (art critic, curator and essayist) as author – together with Arthur C. Danto – of ‘Arte e Poststoria – Conversazioni sulla fine dell’estetica e altro’ (Neri Pozza Editore, Collana Colibrì, 2020, upcoming American edition by Columbia University Press)

having always investigated the meanings of Art and Beauty and to have indicated a key to reading, a direction of thought, according to which contemporary art has not moved away from beauty in a programmatic sense, but has rather contributed to redefine it, following historical changes and the development of new languages

anf for ‘mantenere viva costantemente la discussione, la riflessione sul concetto di estetica, sul senso e sul destino dell’arte contemporanea‘.

The event took place  at InParadiso Art Gallery, at the presence of CEA – Concilio Europeo dell’Arte’s Pres. Marina Bertoldini and Fabio Marafatto at h 11.00, Thursday 20th May, Giardini della Biennale, Venice.