The first portal presenting the BORGOALIVE! Project developed by the European Art Council Foundation and CEA in support of the small villages of Italy and their communities!

After presenting the advancements of the BORGOALIVE! Project at the ‘BORGOALIVE! #SmartNeighbourhood‘ exhibition at the 17th. Venice Architecture Biennale, open to the public until November 21, 2021, we are happy to announce the launch of the website, which anticipates the realization of the participatory Digital Publishing Platform BORGOALIVE!.

What will you find?

Values and objectives, criteria for candidacy, selection and adhesion to BORGOALIVE!, and all services to support all those small municipalities – which constitute the backbone of Italy – that have found in the Best Practices, drawn up by CEA, the impetus to undertake a path of integrated revitalization, as well as the possibility to share and replicate local development strategies successfully implemented, in coherence with the principles of strengthening the cultural identity of the communities living in the villages, of sustainability and of technological and social innovation.

This is another important step, coinciding with the announcement of the partnership between BORGOALIVE! and the Tourist Office mobile App, developed by Scp Strategie Informatiche, the most complete geolocalized digital tourist guide, downloadable for free from Apple and Google stores, which allows you to discover the main regional Italian touristic attractions 24 hours a day, and the new section of the municipalities recognized by CEA as ‘BORGOALIVE!‘.

A digital innovation and territorial marketing tool for the promotion and enhancement of the main Landmarks, Routes and Events, from north to south of Italy made of BORGOALIVE! Communities.

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