Y LA CULPA NO ERA MIA | Solo-exhibition by Antony Fachin

8th FEBRUARY 2020

Concilio Europeo dell'Arte inaugurates the new art season 2020 at InParadiso 3030 Gallery in Venice with the new solo-exhibition by Antony Fachin: "Y LA CULPA NO ERA MIA" is a tribute to women, to their courage, to their strength to stand up to every type of violence. An act of awareness and a mobilization become international.

Concilio Europeo dell’Arte inaugurates the year 2020 – at InParadiso 3030 Gallery – with a new exhibition “Y LA CULPA NO ERA MIA” that gives voice – through images – to women of every country, religion and social class, to claim the right to be simply who they are and to do not represent a “victim-target”: they are women who chose to “stand up to every type of male violence, gender-based violence, violence of genders and to imposed social roles” that affect women.

The artist’s careful eye on the universe of female courage and pride, that are able to re-appropiate of their subjectivity by coming out into the open.

The versatile artist’s paintings appear to deafen the exhibition room, the suck and empty eyes of silent women talk about the fear and the fright felt at home, an home perceived as a jail from which the escape seems to be impossible.

Fachin looks further, he fixes on paintings the bodies and the glances of women who scream at the mirror their pride to be simply who they are, alluding sometimes to an ambiguity: but these ambiguous feelings soon reveal to reflect the intimate reality of every human being, more than just women’s one.


InParadiso 3030 Gallery

San Polo 3030, Frari-Venice

Open everyday | h 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. | free entrance