The free workshop ART SPACE FIRENZE – sharing the intents that they had seen born in the Venetian workshop at Forte Marghera – deploys the talents of artists, members of the CEA Association, who gravitate around the Florentine branch.

The space of 1600 square meters made available to the artists of the European Council of Art is dedicated to cultural and artistic exchange. Great relevance is also given to, in this context, the artisanal knowledge of the early Florentine tradition.

The workshops organized and managed by the Concilio Europeo dell’Arte become a fundamental instrument in the cultural horizon of today by providing:

  • A context of teaching-learning
  • A set of instrumental systems
  • The possibility of interpersonal enrichment and exchange
  • The opportunity to experiment with the creative capacity
  • The occasion of dialogue and reflection on relevant, actual themes
  • Artistic and cultural conceptual processing space
  • An environment that promotes the practice and traditions of art and artisanship