The Concilio Europeo dell’Arte:
The Foundation, the Association, and the seats in Italy and Abroad

The Concilio Europeo dell’Arte was born out of the necessity to translate the love for art into “meetings, introductions, and exchanges” forms and expressions of Art, because none of these alone encapsulates or completes the value of Art, and so all that remains is this research in its value in all possible forms and expressions.

The artistic cultural heritage is the crux of our identity and of our historical memory. It has diffused in the cities and countryside, up in the mountains and along the coasts: it is a heritage that we meet “also without wanting it and without thinking about it.” The widespread interweaving of the historical and natural beauties is the connective tissue of our country. Such intertwinement is a unique case in the world- for contiguity and continuity, between “great” works and so-called “minor” works, that, together, give life to our most precious cultural property, which is the context that ties the scattered works in the region, the museums that collect them, and the citizens themselves together.

We citizens feel a part of this context, and of that “secular culture of conservation” developed by Italians for generations and generations in the civic institutions and conscience.

Salvatore Settis, 2002