Born in Venice, Gloria Vianello graduated from the painting course of the Academy of Fine Arts. She received a scholarship for painting at the 69th artist collective of the Bevilacqua La Masa. She lives and works in Venezia Mestre.
She illustrated the story of Giorgio Soavi “Clenched teeth“, an edition out of print and the Enchiridion editions “The Journey” by Luigi Pirandello.

The artist

Gloria Vianello uses not aggressive, unnatural soft colors, mainly yellow or pink loads, to illustrate her scenes: ambiguous colors that do not recreate the veracity of an internal but, on the contrary, reveal the artificiality of mental construction.

Her compositions dip us into a timeless world; there is not a story or a plot, there is no before or after, there is only the main presence of her models caught in simple snapshots. Her characters seem to look at us without seeing us, like they are ignoring us on purpose.

We observe them, without being able to identify ourselves with them. This progressive estrangement misinterprets the understanding that the viewer believed he had acquired. The scene, which at first seemed so obvious as to seem trivial, now proves to be different. A sense of discomfort emerges; perhaps we missed something, we did not read all the details. The visitor is forced to look again, he lingers on the details, he appreciates the thin dashed lines, being unaware that he is actually following the strategy desired by the artist.

The charm of the compositions of Gloria Vianello is based on the impalpable reality of our being; it is founded on whether or not to portray or represent the human person.

Through the subtle portrayal of the game and the research where the artist has hidden herself, looking at the faces portraits, we question ourselves and our deepest self.